Here are some great ways to use Whispering Breeze Farm cheese to liven up your menu!




Cheese Balls


Smoky Cheese Ball


Pizza Cheese Ball


Fried Cheese Sticks


Marinated Cheese Cubes


Ham and Cheese Ribbons


Cheesy Stewed Tomatoes


Pizza Cups


Hash Brown Casserole



Cheesy Meatballs


Ham & Cheese Breakfast Loaf


Cheesy Muffins



In addition to replacing cheese in your existing recipes with Whispering Breeze Cheese, try these ideas as well:


  • Using Italian Cheese, Bacon Dill or any of the cheeses in a toasted cheese sandwich


  • Mix shredded cheese into your mashed potatoes for added flavor - Whispering Breeze Garlic & Chive cheese is great for flavoring your potatoes!


  • Use shredded Smoked Cheddar or Bacon Dill in your favorite cheese ball recipe



Check back often for great ways to use Whispering Breeze Cheese in your cooking and baking!




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