Turkey Orders

Fresh whole Turkeys are for sale just in time for Thanksgiving! They are $4.65 per lb and range in size from 14-25 lbs. Follow the link below for information about how to inquire about Turkey availability!

A Family Owned Farm since 1901.

Our family welcomes yours and thanks you for visiting our page.  Currently, we have the fourth and fifth generations working together side by side to carry on the legacy of Warren and Lydia Brower.  Our story started in 1901 but we hope to continue well into the future.  

Buyers Group

Monthly or Bi-Monthly Orders

One way we offer our additional products that aren't sold in stores already carrying our cheese and eggs.  Deliveries are made locally or a pre-set date and time is provided for product pick up.  Contact us to request to be added to our Buyers Group email list for more details.

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